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Putting a heightened sense of confidence in every outfit and every occasion, designed in Sydney Australia, expertly handcrafted from premium leathers.


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The Bella Leopardo Philosophy is founded on affordable luxury,
embracing leopard print as a neutral; and 
empowering confidence in woman from the ground up, one fierce step at a time!

Bella Leopardo Leopard Print Shoes Heels
Bella Leopardo Leopard Print Shoes Heels

Fast Cars and

Rock ‘n’ Roll

... are just two of the many influences that honed the childhood of Bella Leopardo’s Sydney born and raised Founder & Director. 

Meet Bella Leopardo's


A self-confessed shoe-o-holic, the fashion forward entrepreneur launched her independent luxury women’s shoe label and world first fashion house focusing exclusively on Leopard print designs. With a mission to empower women from the ground up, encourage leopard print to be worn as a neutral and offer premium quality, handcrafted designer shoes at an accessible price point that will be her failsafe wardrobe staple she will still be reaching for and loving for many years to come.

Bella Leopardo understands that every woman is multifaceted with an inner feline and that confidence can be empowered by simply putting on a pair of shoes!

What Customers Say

" I've worn a lot of heels in my time and these are definitely up there if not better than my expensive designer brand shoes. Definitely value for money. This is an underrated quality brand that needs to be discovered. Best of luck."

- Melissa -

Leopard print is the beast of pattern,

its history loaded with symbolism, from power to seduction...

Our appreciation of the print goes back to our relationship with the animal: We admire it and fear it, we find it irresistible yet we know it's dangerous – all traits inherent in the print and, by association, to the woman who wears it.



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