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 “BELLA; Beautiful / LEOPARDO; Leopard”


Fast Cars and Rock ‘n’ Roll

... are just two of the many influences that honed the childhood of Sydney born and raised Belinda, Bella Leopardo’s Founder & Director. 


A self-confessed shoe-o-holic, shoes were an obsession from an early age, and over the years she has certainly built up a rather impressive collection. But it was a conversation with a friend concerning the expanse of leopard print shoes adorning her wardrobe shelves that was the catalyst for the Bella Leopardo empire. 


What started as a creative hobby to surpass the monotony of her 9-5 Corporate career, propelled the fashion forward entrepreneur, to launch her independent luxury women’s shoe label and world first fashion house which focuses exclusively on Leopard print designs.

The Bella Leopardo philosophy is founded on affordable luxury, 

utilising leopard print as a neutral and

empowering woman from the ground up!

With clear vision, determination and a strong business acumen, Belinda’s instilled admiration for vintage culture, coupled with her love of modern fashion, has struck the perfect balance between classic and contemporary designs with pieces famed for their quality, comfort and versatility.

By blending the two, Bella Leopardo collections are designed for both the trendy and the traditional, the modern and the classic women. Women who are fiercely confident and not afraid to stand out in a crowd, or those who need an extra confidence boost.

Inspired by timeless silhouettes, seductive prints and meticulous craftsmanship, the carefully curated collections are designed to complement the lifestyle of women from all demographics and be her failsafe wardrobe staple she will still be reaching for and loving for many years to come.


Bella Leopardo is a fashion house dedicated to ensuring the best of this category is always available in a one stop shop for her leopard print shoe fix.

'The Leopardo woman is timeless. Her style is not dictated by seasons or trends.

She is confident and ambitious, powerful yet feminine, sophisticated and equally seductive and wears the distinctive pattern to be noticed! Leopard print makes a statement and demands an audience; it says “I want to be seen". 


'I want every woman who wears a pair of Leopardo’s to feel like they own something special'.


Owner & Designer


​Designed by women, for women, Bella Leopardo understands that

every woman is multifaceted with an inner feline and that confidence can be empowered by simply putting on a pair of shoes!

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