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The Winter Edit - Wardrobe Essentials 2023

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

I really enjoy the changing seasons and everything that comes from the different stages of the year, particularly the shifts in clothes we wear. Just as we start to bore from one rotation of clothing, a new season brings a whole new opportunity to change things up with fashion, pull out and reconnect with old faithfuls and explore new styles and trends.

As much as I love warm sunny days and the festivities of long balmy nights, I really love the cooler months and the opportunity to experiment with layers and unique fashion pieces. I realise the irony, coming from a Sydney beach side gal, but there's something about layering winter clothing that just feels so cozy and chic whilst also inviting a sense of creativity within our wardrobe.

Whilst it's easy to lean towards comfort this time of year, that doesn't have to mean boring, nor is it only reserved for lounge/active wear attire. I've linked below some of my favourite go-to winter wardrobe essentials this season you can shop now.

The Winter Coat

Depending on where you live in the world will depend on the weight of coat you need in your wardrobe. However despite what side of the hemisphere you live, a great winter coat is a quintessential winter essential for every wardrobe.

A quality wool coat or at least a wool-blend coat is a forever piece and well worthy investment, if your budget permits. There are numerous benefits that come with owning a wool or wool blend coat, not only does wool resist water but it helps keep you warmer.

Wool is also resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew which makes it incredibly durable and great for anyone who suffers from allergies.

Shop my seasonal picks:

The Puffer Jacket

Whilst the puffer jacket has always been relevant in fashion, it is definitely having a moment this season. Compared to wool or leather, puffer jackets provide the unique combination of both warmth and lightness, not to mention versatility.

On its own, a puffer jacket can read as super casual and sporty, but this season styles demonstrate more ways to elevate it and make it feel more polished and even professional. A sleek black longer line puffer to take you from day to night and everything in between.

Shop my seasonal picks:

The Blazer

A blazer is that one transeasonal piece in your wardrobe, and a great layering piece that can be worn all year-round and with the plethora of styles and material options available, there is a blazer for everyone and for every season.

Blazers offer just the right amount of thermal protection to keep you warm and comfortable while adding an instant effortless polish to any outfit. They are generally the hardest working piece in our wardrobe during this time of year simply because of their style versatility. No matter what season or occasion your styling a blazer, the key is choosing the right one simply comes down to cut and material.

A quality wool or wool blend blazer will stand alone for the winter months, while mid to light-weight materials are more suited to spring / autumn seasons. But don't disregard your lightweight and unlined blazers during the winter season as these are great for layering under your winter coats. Win win!

Shop my seasonal picks:

The Boots

Winter is the season to get creative with our wardrobe as we are afforded more pieces to layer and play with. As a self confessed shoe-o-holic 'hi Me', I always relish in the opportunity to compliment my shoe wardrobe to the seasons. This is my happy place and where I find the most satisfaction in styling an outfit. After all, shoes really can make or break an outfit and completely change the whole aesthetic of a look.

A simple pair of high heeled boots, whether they are ankle, knee-high or over the knee, keep an outfit both feminine and stylish at the same time.

You don't need to wear high heels to stay stylish this winter though, as the flat and riding boot styles have resurged in popularity this year as well as the combat boot which dominated the fashion scene in 2021, making a comeback for shoe trends in 2022.

Shop my seasonal picks:

The Knitwear & Long Sleeves

Winter is the time to fully embrace the cosy vibes and pull out our long sleeves, soft knits and chunky sweaters. They are the perfect layering piece over our spring/summer clothing, under outerwear jackets and coats and for adding a little texture to an outfit.

When it comes to winter knitwear, there is a plethora of options available. From sleeve length to material weight, pullover sweaters to cardigans and even pops of seasonal colours, we really are spoilt for choice and this is the season to experiment something new.

Shop my seasonal picks:

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