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 We hope by now, you and your new Leopardo's have become the very best of Soulmates

and they empower your confidence through fashion and life.


We appreciate your feedback on your recent purchase and experience with our team.
Reviews from our customers build our brand credibility and trust factor with new leopard loving customers just like you.

What our Customers are saying...

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Even my shih tzu loves it!

I've purchased several items from Bella Leopardo and I am obsessed. The tops are beautiful and soft, the blanket is next level luxe and lush...even my little shih tzu loves it!


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So Happy

Bought the Icon heels, wore them for 8 hours, feet don’t hurt! Absolutely delighted by the experience I’ve had with Bella Leopardo. The shoes are beautifully designed, excellent quality, the cushioned insole makes it feel like I’m walking on a cloud. So happy with my purchase!


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Bespoke Service

Loving my new shoes and the packaging was almost too good to open! Details like this and personal touches like a handwritten thankyou note added a level of bespoke service. Would highly recommend supporting this local business


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Highly Recommend

Great comfortable quality shoes! Highly recommend them!


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A++++ Service

Such an awesome experience, service is A++++ and I can’t wait to wear my new Fearless Leopard Graphic Tee!


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My wife was over the moon!

I purchased the ‘Pink Leopard Print Fur Slipper’ for a Mother’s Day gift for my Wife. The online order process was super easy and the Slippers turned up very fast in really beautiful packaging. My wife was over the moon with the quality and comfort of the Slippers and has already updated her birthday wish list to include some Rebel Heels, given her new-found addiction to Leopard Print after browsing your site!


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I can't wait to add to my collection!

I'm a massive fan of the Bella Leopardo range. This range is just beautiful, everything is amazing so far that I've bought and I can't wait to add to my collection.


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The most divine shoe you'll ever wear

The most beautiful shoe that you'll ever wear. The detail that's gone into this shoe is amazing. The post hair, the leopard print, it's just so stylish and very very comfortable. You can wear all day and not feel uncomfortable. They are amazing shoes. My shoes actually came in the wrong size and I returned them and because of covid, the delivery was delayed. I then got a personalised delivery from Belinda with a box of chocolates to apologise for the lateness of the delivery. I'm not to sure you get that kind of customer service anywhere else. I also purchased the most divine pair of flats with are so comfortable and go so well with jeans and a nice top. Thanks so much for providing me the most beautiful shoes that I think I've ever worn, they are just comfy and that's what a girl wants.


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OMG I love your shoes

Cannot rave enough about my Royals!! Absolutely love them, received yesterday and wore them all day today. I cannot count the number of “OMG I love your shoes” I’ve heard today to which I always answered, I know I’m in love!
Thank you Bella for these beauties!!


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So incredibly comfortable!

I wanted to tell you about this beautiful pair of shoes I recently bought from Bella Leopardo. They are beautiful, made from pony hair, they have a 10cm heel, they are so incredibly comfortable it is unbelievable. They get more and more comfortable every time I wear them. I've worn them dancing, bar hoping, walking to restaurants and my feet never aches, they never hurt and I have to say when the box arrived it was like opening up the best present that you've ever received and the beautiful hand written card in there from Bella made you feel really special and her shoes are very very special. I have to say, I love them and I think you would love them too. So jump online and support local businesses and get a pair of Bella's shoes because you'll just love them.


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Definately recommended.

I purchased the prowler shoes and they are amazing. They actually didn’t fit me I got the wrong size, and it was actually so amazing to just get it all returned and get the new pair sent out to me. So that was already a great experience and I would highly recommend their shoes. I’ve worn them in and they still fit me really great and my friends always say, oooh where’d you get them shoes from. So definitely recommended, give them a look online and look at the amazing selection that she’s got online and happy shopping.


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Love the product!

Thank you Bella Leopardo, love the product. I love the unique design, love the cut, love the heel. The soft insole allows you to pretty much wear it all day, for someone as short as me, this is really important, definitely need that height. Absolutely can not wait for the new product range from Bella Leopardo, thank you very much!


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Stylish On Trend & Comfortable

As a personal stylist, I'm constantly running into the problem of finding shoes that are stylish, on trend yet comfortable. It is so hard to find, however, Bella Leopardo has the most iconic, beautiful leopard print shoes that are so incredibly on trend and timeless but yet really comfortable. I have been wearing their shoes for many years now and I have yet to find any that aren't uncomfortable. The prowlers are my favourite everyday flat but the Rebels are my absolute favourite. I recently wore these to a gala night and I was the only one out of an entire room of women still standing with zero pain and the amount of compliments I got on these shoes was amazing. They are absolutely stunning, of course they are iconic and timeless this is a shoe that you're going to be able to wear forever. I just love the make and quality of all of the shoes and the way you can wear them all night. I can't say one bad word about Bella leopardo, especially as a personal stylist, its just so important to be able to find comfort and fashion and style all wrapped up in one and that's exactly what Bella Leopardo is.


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I've been on the hunt for the perfect leopard print shoes for so long, so glad I waited for these. I couldn't be happier.
The quality is awesome and they are so comfy. Definitely the best investment I've made in years.


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Love your vibe

I love your vibe and the branding and what you authentically bring to the market. It's so nice to see someone's passion brought to life.
First time buyer, will def buy again.


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Best value for money

Favourite shoes, friendliest service, best quality and value for money I have found in a long time. Please bring out more styles, I need to add to my collection.


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Underrated Brand

I've worn a lot of heels in my time and these are definitely up there if not better than my expensive designer brands. Definitely value for money. This is an underrated quality brand. Best of luck.


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Premium quality heels

Bella leopardo has found a gap in a very saturated market, providing premium quality designer shoes at a high street price point.


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Couldn't be happier!

Your awesome and I love your brand. I finally pulled the pin and bought a pair of the icon pumps and couldn't be happier. Wear them to the office, to dinner and even tried to emulate the campaign bed scene - I sure felt like Marilyn, but def didn't look like her ha ha


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Chic AF

Love love love your stuff! You've made leopard print not only wearable but chic AF again and I'm here for it!


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Leopard Addict

So so happy, thank you. My husband got me a gift voucher for my birthday and it was the best present as I'm a leopard addict. The packaging was also luxe. So glad he introduced me to your brand. Will be buying more!


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Pleasantly surprised!

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these shoes, so much more than I expected for the price. So much attention to detail and with the added comfort in the sole that other brands just don't offer.


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Love My Shoes

Love my shoes! Great quality with fast delivery. I receive lots of compliments when I wear them.


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