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Shoe Size Chart

All Bella Leopardo shoes are manufactured in accordance with the European standard global sizing scale.

Please refer to the womens size conversion chart below as a guide, before selecting your size.



TSHIRTS - Centimetres

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Material Type - Fit & Care


When ordering new shoes its imperative to get the sizing right as this will ultimately determine the comfort and wearability of your shoes. With that said, not all leathers and materials are created equal when it comes to shoes. Understanding the differences will ensure you know exactly what to expect in the beginning and after the 'break in' period, to ensure the right fit! 

We believe a perfect fitting shoes should feel nothing more than 'comfortably snug' from the first wear.

Quality full grain leather can be stiff at times especially in the beginning. This gives the shoes their shape and look. Quality leather shoes should feel snug in the beginning, as with all leathers, they are designed to moderately stretch and mould to your feet with wear.


All leather shoes need a 'break in period'. The length of the period depends on the upper leather, the sole and the construction of the shoe. Below we have provided some information to consider when purchasing your shoes in order to get the best fit.

Patent Leather

Our favourite all-weather hero, patent leather is great for wet conditions as the rain does not stain or penetrate the leather surface. The sheen finish adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to intensify the leopard print.


Patent leather takes a little longer to stretch and mould to the feet and the amount of stretch is quiet minimal, approx a quarter of a shoe size.

You can aid the initial stretching process along with gentle heat from a hair dryer or with a shoe stretching kit.


Whilst Patent leather is extremely durable, it can scratch easily and in warmer conditions, may experience sticking or colour transfer if stored against other patent leather items.


We recommend buying true to size or going up one size if needed.

Pony Hair Leather

Featuring the natural hair of the hide, Pony hair leather is our go to choice when we want to make an edgy statement or add a little texture to our outfit.


Similarly to straight leather and suede, Pony hair leather will moderately stretch and mould to the shape of your feet in no time, making the the 'break in' period seamless. 


Pony hair leather is relatively easy to take care of, since it's water resistant (thanks to the epidermal layer of the hide) however, it is best to avoid wearing in wet or bad weather conditions. We do not recommend using a water repellant on your pony hair upper.

We also recommend the use of a soft bristle shoe brush to maintain the direction of the pelt.


We recommend buying true to size. 

Suede Leather

The most luxe look and feel leather of them all, Suede is the softest leather of the range and our go to for effortless luxe dressing.


Suede leather shoes are designed to stretch very well, more than any other type of leather and will mould themselves to the shape of your feet in no time.

Suede leather is nature's memory foam, which makes them the ultimate shoe for comfort and wearability. 


A highly absorbent leather, we recommend scotch guarding all suede leather shoes prior to wear as this will protect the suede from absorbing liquid penetration and staining. 


We recommend buying true to size.

Kid Leather 

We use only premium quality Kid Leather material to the lining of all our shoes. This adds to the overall quality, durability and feel of our shoes and perfectly compliments the premium grade leather uppers used across our collections.


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