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See Ya 2021, Hello 2022!

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Bella Leopardo Leopard Print Shoes New Years Eve Review and Resolutions

As 2021 comes to a close, it's the perfect time to reflect the year that was and to acknowledge and appreciate what it taught us. Of all years, I'm marking 2021 one of the hardest years to wrap up in a single post, so I'll try to keep this one short.

The unprecedented global events of 2020, saw us venture into 2021 with a full heart of hope and optimism for what many notioned as a 'better year' or 'their year'. But for so many, (including me) , 2021 was a year of loss and unexpected lows, fear, confusion, disparity, and disappointment. I know that sounds extremely pessimistic, but when I look back over the last year's highlight reel, it's hard to deny that my heavier days outweighed the better ones, and that's ok.

Because what I didn't expect from 2021 was the blessings in disguise that would come from such hardship. These were the moments that taught me the most about life and myself. The moments that lead to my greatest learnings, growth, strength, resilience, realisation and self-worth. These were the moments that made the good things and the good people in my life shine even brighter than they had before, bringing a deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation for my blessing - my health and my relationships.

So whilst this past year was difficult, to say the least, it was also a year of resilience, growth, gratitude, and hope. 2021, I am grateful for you.

And, to my Bella Leopardo family, I am grateful for you.

For every subscriber, order, follow, like, comment, share, DM conversation, I see you all and I appreciate each and everyone of you. A huge thank you for your ongoing support through what has proven to be a challenging and transformational year and for making this little space on the web a happy and positive one. Im so excited to share what Bella Leopardo has in store for you in 2021.

So with the New Year merely hours away from rolling in, no matter how you celebrate or not celebrate this milestone occasion, be sure to take a moment and reflect on what 2021 taught you and find your happiness in today's blessings.


Bella xx

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