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What it means to be an Iconic woman to me

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

My list of icons gets longer every day I am on this planet. From the book reports I did on Gabrielle Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe in high school, to the memories I have of my Nan, to watching my friend flourish through adversity, these are a few important ones that come to mind. 

They all embody this zest for life, this undeniable uniqueness & creativity that make them people I am inspired by and aspire to be more like every day.  

For Coco Chanel, it was her vision and drive to build a global fashion empire from the humble beginnings of her orphanage childhood. Starting from absolutely nothing over a century ago, to building a multi-billion-dollar international brand in which it has grown to today. Chanel remains on every fashionista’s wish list and continues to be the most coveted iconic fashion house we have ever seen in history.

If the name Monroe isn’t enough to conjure up images of the ultimate Icon, then perhaps the blonde victory rolls, Revlon red lips or those bombshell curves will remind you.

The quintessence of beauty, pop culture, the 50’s and 60’s, the 20th Century and Hollywood’s Golden Age, almost 60 years after her untimely death, images of Marilyn Monroe are still the most recognisable across the world and her eminence grows with each passing year.

Women wanted to be her, men wanted to be with her; women related to her; men desired her, but it was the multifaceted role she played, that makes her especially relevant.

From the delicate damsel in distress, to the charismatic, intelligent and sexually alluring bombshell that few could resist, she was equally complex and fascinating and managed to achieve a great deal in spite of so many obstacles. She was the first woman to challenge a major studio (20th Century-Fox) on the grounds of artistic freedom and first woman to single-handedly establish a movie production company of her own, despite being dismissed as nothing more than a cheap sex object.

Marilyn’s timeless appeal continues to outlive and outshine us all as both an enigma and an Icon.

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For my Nan, it was her ability to raise three daughters with very little money and no husband around to help. My mum grew up to hold a very high moral code, unconditional love and selflessness for her own family because of her example. She was adorable and very cheeky lady who loved a glass of wine, a boogie on the dancefloor and was a master of crossword puzzles.

Or my best friend who at the tender age of just 20 years old, moved countries for love, away from her family and support network, built her own little safe nest with her husband and now three children, made new friends and pursued her dream to build her own styling business from the ground up, despite the hurdles and exhaustion along the way. She continues to inspire me every day, through the blood, sweat and tears, sleepless nights and hours of unpaid labour, she never gives up and as a result, now slaying the fashion industry, bringing a new zest of confidence to her clients, one image / wardrobe makeover at a time.

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Every day I try to build iconic moments in the little things. Where I apply the same attitude and attention I normally would to monumental events in life, to the little achievements and successes. Those moments where I am truly present and enjoying my life exactly as it is at this very moment. I am not wishing my pants were looser, or my dishes were done before I can relax or before I am content but embracing what I have already achieved, how I got here and being grateful for the ride.

As I build on iconic moments, I strive to transform into my own icon. A woman who other people are inspired by and who aspire to be like. A better more confident version of myself that I have met, that I know exists, and that I whole heartedly love and hold dear.

In those moments, she flies.

Love Bella x

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