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Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas for Her

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Bullet proof gifts she will love to receive. You're welcome.

I recently celebrated my birthday and I’m sure I’m not alone when confessing that it’s not particularly my favourite time of year. For more reasons than one, I just don’t look forward to the day. Perhaps it’s the official stamp of another year older when I’m already feeling the aging effects, or the subconscious reflection on what I did or didn’t achieved in said year.

I wish I was ‘that’ person that relished in the festivities, and as much as I love celebrating and spoiling the special people in my life, I’ve just never enjoyed the attention and fuss made over me.

This year however, I did enjoy a rather laid-back day with my nearest and dearest and was spoilt with some beautiful gifts I thought were worthy of sharing for those looking to treat themselves or inspire some last-minute Christmas gift ideas for the special women in your life.

When it comes to giving and receiving gifts, I’m not driven by labels but I know quality and when things are an investment worth making. Below is a curated list of items I personally love and use, as well as some great recommendations for gifts I guarantee she will love and thank you for this Christmas.

The Signature Scent – perfume

I used to be that girl who had a whole collection of perfumes that often went out of date before I got around to using them all. But over the years, I’ve really paired back my collection to just a small a handful of great ‘signature scents’ and I stick to them on rotation.

Scents in general are such a sensory thing we correlate to a particular time, place or memory, but a ‘signature scent’ is so much more personal because not only does it encapsulates all of these episodic sensors, but it gives you an instant identity and says alot about your personality without having to say a word.

I never really appreciated how impactful having a ‘signature scent’ was until I found a few of my own and its surprising how many people actually take notice, associate to you and remember.

Armani Si has always been one of my top two favourite fragrances and I switch between the Si Intense (black) and the original Si depending on the weather and occasion. Last year Armani released two new fragrances to the SI collection, Si Passione (red) and Si Fiori (pink).

This year I added the Si Fiori to the collection, much like the original EDP but with a softer, powdery like finish. It’s feminine and delicately soft without being too sweet or floral. I love spritzing it right before I get into bed. (does anyone else wear perfume to bed lol)

The Si fragrances are so universal with women and men of all ages constantly complimenting my scent every time I wear them. I guarantee the Si Original EDP will be your safest bet this Christmas if you are looking to surprise her with a new (potential) ‘signature’ scent.

Then there is ‘Good Girl’ by Carolina Herrera, embracing the duality of the modern multi-faceted woman, she is not for the faint hearted and there really isn’t anything else like her on the market.

If you’ve smelt this fragrance, then I’m sure your already sold and my sell here is unnecessary. But for those who have not yet discovered her, this perfume is most definitely for the lady with duality to her personality. A sophisticated and feminine tone, yet with such a sexy, sultry sensuality. Its the fragrance I wear when I really want to make a power statement.

It is by far my most complemented perfume I’ve ever worn and I’ll even go as far as saying it’s by far my most favourite perfume I've ever owned, to date.

It’s one of those scents that immediately turns heads and has people intrigued enough to stop you to ask what fragrance your wearing. One of those scents that has your girls asking what you’re wearing. One of those fragrances that makes you feel that much taller and that much more empowered.

Enough said.

Some of my other favourites I wear on repeat, are Ellie Sabb ‘In White’, YSL ‘Libre Intense’ and Dior private collection ‘La Colle Noire’

The Homebody - Home, Health & Wellbeing

When it comes to homely gifts, I really don’t think you can go wrong. Whether you know the person really well or not as personally, there is something for the home for everyone, and with so many of us spending more time at home right now, I really think creating a considered space that makes you feel good is more important than ever and will no doubt will be a gift very much appreciated this year.

I love my home to feel like an extension of who I am, my style, my personality, my interests and it’s in those little considered pieces that can have the biggest impact on a space and your mood, something I always think it an investment worth making. The devil is always in the detail.

So whether you have a friend or family member that loves home décor or simply just want to treat them to something a little more special for their home this year, here are a few recommendations I personally love to gift and receive.

Coffee table books are one of my favourite things to gift and receive and they don’t just have to be reserved for the ‘coffee table’. I recently just restyled my bedside tables and entry table with some fashion and interior books which really elevated the space. I love to gift books that reflect someone’s style and interests so it will not only something that looks visually aesthetic, but also a book they will enjoy reading.

There are so many amazing options to choose, from fashion, to home interiors, watches, famous artists, tattoos, cars, cooking, gardening, travel, architecture etc the list goes one. Whatever your person is into, there will be a plethora of books to choose from and show them that it was considered gift.

Some of my favourites for styling include: the infamous Tom Ford, the Thames and Hudson collection of fashion designers eg Chanel, LV, Dior, etc, 100 years of Architectural Digest etc

Candles are a great gift for anyone that loves spending time at home, entertaining, or simply house proud. They are the gift to suit any budget, substantial to gift on their own or as an add on or stocking filler and a great option for those ‘who have everything’. Always opt for a larger size candle and if your budget stretches that far, luxury brands are always very indulgent as gifts. Wick trimmers and lighters are great accompanying gifts.

Some of my favourites include: Glasshouse ‘Kyoto’ & ‘Midnight in Milan’, Palm Beach ‘Jasmin and Cedar’ & ‘White Rose and Jasmin’ and Ecoya ‘Sweet Pea and Peony’.

Silk – A silk pillow case is one of those luxury items that most of us don’t think to invest in for ourselves because they can be pricy and not typically at the top of our essentials needs list. Not only is silk beneficial for the health of your skin and hair but there are so many amazing health benefits like antiaging, temperature regulating, antiallergy etc to sleeping on silk that really make them an investment well making.

So, if you’re looking to spoil someone this year with unexpected luxury gift, this would definitely be my pick. For the women into health, wellbeing and beauty, the woman who has everything, the woman who never treats herself, the woman you want to make feel super special, this is a winner.

Tip: stick to 100% Mulberry silk (not silk blended or satin)

Some of my favourites are from SLIP, Sheridan and Country Road

Why not throw in a lavender pillow spray and silk eye mask to really elevate the gift and give her the ultimate night sleep.

When I first introduced an essential oil diffuser into our home, my husband was not a fan. In fact, he hated it, especially in the bedroom. But I’m happy to report, with a little persistence and education into the health benefits of essential oils, he has been converted and now can’t sleep without it running through the night.

An oil diffuser is another one of those universal gifts to suit all budgets. Along with the health benefits that come with inhaling essential oils, they also provide a beautiful smelling ambience in the home. There are so many great brands, but this year was the release of the In Essence 360 degree wireless Diffuser (in black, grey and blush colours) and its at the top of my wishlist.

TIP: look for an ultrasonic diffuser, this vibrates the dispersion of the oil, not heat it and therefore does not change integrity of the oil.

Why not include some essential oils so she can start using her diffuser straight away.

Mum used to say tea always tasted better in a fine bone china cup and water out of crystal.

I recently bought a set of royal Doulton crystal glasses for Gin, but ended up using them daily for my water and iced coffees and I’ve got to say mum was right. Regardless if the material of the cup makes the difference, or fact that I feel extra bougie using a luxury glass daily, it certainty make me feel pretty special and I think we all need a bit more of that this year.

And lastly for the homebody, why not indulge her with a beautiful set of silk PJs. Again, silk with all its health benefits, there’s really nothing more luxurious then sleeping on it and in it and what a beautiful gift to receive. After the crazy year that was, I think we all deserve to be spoilt with something a little more self-indulgent and special.

Whether she is a pants and button down PJ kind of girl, shorts and cami, or a slinky slip, you will be able to find the perfect style in silk.

Some of my favourite brands are Simone Perele and Papinelle

A nice pair of fluffy slippers would be a great addition to her new PJs.

The Beauty enthusiast

Beauty items can be such a difficult thing to gift because it is so incredibly personal to the individual’s preference and skin type. However, if you are buying for a beauty enthusiast this year, I wanted to share a few different and ‘safer’ universal options I’m certain will be equally unexpected and appreciated.

Skincare! Before anything else you put on your skin, quality beauty and skincare is an investment worth making.

I don’t think you can go wrong with a great body moisturiser, especially a luxurious one that your recipient may not invest in for themselves. My favourite right now is the L’occitane ‘Terre de Lumiere L'Eau Beautifying Body Milk’. The scent is sublime, it’s like wearing a beautiful perfume, it has a subtle ‘glow from within’ sheen and its surprisingly very affordable considering the size and brand position.

Another great find is the Sol de Janeiro ‘Brazillian Bum Bum cream’. I know, it sounds intriguing, and that’s why I tried it. It’s loaded with five times the caffeine of coffee to stimulate circulation to the skin cells, and the best part is, it smells delicious. I wanted to mention this one because they released a jumbo 500ml limited edition size for Christmas at Mecca. One on my personal wish list.

My name is Belinda and I’m a lip balm addict. Literally. I do have a couple stellar favourites that I simply can’t live without. I love the Lanolips 101 ointment multipurpose super balm (great stocking filler), but for this guide I wanted to mention the By Terry ‘Balm de Rose’, not only is it super hydrating and smells like roses, but it’s one of those more luxurious products people don’t typically buy themselves so special to receive as a gift. I love the original and it comes in a pot or smaller travel stick application and they also sell in tinted colours. Yes, it’s a little on the pricy side but it goes a long way and worth the investment. Trust me, your lips will love you for it.

I recently stumbled across a lovely product I thought would be a good one to share as I know so many of us right now are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. The Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Magnesium Body Butter helps to balance the 'sleep-wake cycle' and supports production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin too. Magnesium is also known to help relieve pain and muscle cramps, promote sleep AND help muscle and nerve functions. I put this on right before bed, I wouldn’t say it helps me fall to sleep but I definitely notice a more relaxed deep sleep when I use it.

Make up, eyeshadow palettes and skin care sets are also great gift options. Some of my favourite shops to pic up great sets and holiday exclusives Mecca, David Jones, Myers and Sephora.

And if none of these recommendations tickle your fancy, why not give her the gift of choice! There are also so many online boutiques offering bespoke products that are cool and unique and something different that you simply won't find in stores.

Like a luxury pair of premium leather leopard print shoes from Australian brand Bella Leopardo who offer an eGift experience, a personalised egift card sent straight to your recipients inbox on the day you nominate. Perfect for those last minute gift needs without the panic if the delivery will arrive in time.

Or what about spoiling her to a complete style makeover. Kamri Hill Styling is all about building confidence through fashion and style. She offers a whole range of styling services and packages from wardrobe makeovers, shopping days, virtual styling and a monthly membership program designed to support women through the whole style change journey.

From my family to yours, I wish everyone a safe a happy Christmas and hope for a better year for all in 2020.

Love Bella x

Shop 'Bella Leopardo' featured Leopard Print Shoes here


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