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Hot Shoe Trends You Need Now

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Must have Spring Summer Fashion Shoe Style Trends

If lockdown has taught us one thing over this last 18 months, it's the value of the internet and its ability to keep us all connected, keep online businesses ticking along and provide us the accessibility to almost anything and everything we need, right at our fingertips.

Whilst the majority of people and businesses are currently experiencing lockdown restrictions here in Australia, the seasons inevitably roll on, seemingly the launch of the new Spring Summer fashion 2021 collections are starting to drop online.

Yes, it's that time again already, and I'm personally excited see what's trending and hopefully find some inspiration for my own wardrobe update for the warmer seasons ahead.

'All hail online shopping'!

Navigating what's in fashion and what to wear for Spring Summer 2021 can be daunting so, here are the hottest shoe trends here to stay for SS2021, & where you can find them right now to get a head start on refreshing your wardrobe looks.

Your welcome!



Out with the point and in with the square - well not completely, but I think it's safe to say, there has been a 'toe' shift in recent years, from round to pointed to square. We can attribute the rise in popularity of the trending square toe shoe to luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta. Since appointing Daniel Lee at the helm, the square toe style has since become the brands signature aesthetic and has inspired many designers to follow suit.

Fan of this style or not, there is no denying, the square toe trend has been dominating the industry since early 2020 and certainly not going anywhere, any time soon.

Designers have been finding fresh and versatile ways to adopt this style into their own unique designs and we are seeing a fresh take on this trend emerge this season in a variety of ways. From sandals, to boots to flats and mules, if you're looking to dabble in a pair of 'square toes', there is a plethora of shoe style options to suit everyone of any budget.

My seasonal picks:




Getting back to nature, never before has a season afforded us so many unique designs with such a wide variety of raw and natural materials, whilst celebrating the tradition of old world craftsmanship from cultures all over the world.

We are seeing mules and sandals transformed this season in unexpected raffia, soft linens, woven and basket weave leathers, braided textiles and androgynous gatherings. The tonal palate not only make these styles extremely versatile but also unique, interesting and just cool. These are heels with a twist, the ones you want to 'add to cart' when you don’t want to look the same as everyone else.

My seasonal picks:



One style I was most surprised to see trending this season, was the comeback of the platform sole. Hands up if you remember them or like me still own some from back in the day. You know the ones, those 2"+ platforms under the balls of your feet that were a disaster waiting to break your ankle the minute your foot rolled over. Well they are back and higher than ever!

Considering the direction of fashion over these last 18 months has shifted to a relaxed, casual and understated way of dressing, it will be interesting to see how long this trend sticks around for.

Maybe it's an age thing, or I've just come to my senses, but this is a style i'm happy to admire from the top wardrobe shelf and only revisit the fun memories attached to them.

My seasonal picks:



This year our spring / summer sandals fall into three distinct sub categories, the dad sandal, the barley there strapy sandal and the classic mule (with a twist).


The dad sandal trend blew up in 2020 and remains a contentious style this season, much in the same category as the chunky / ugly sneaker trend that was really popular last year. I'm sure this season, the marmite dad sandal trend with continue to divide opinion and won't be for everyone, but there is no denying this style is still hotter than ever and now playing with different textured materials and designs.

My seasonal picks:


This seasons strappy sandal pays homage to the 80's revival. A time when the models were taller, the heels were lower, the straps were thinner. Whilst a strapy sandal design is nothing new, this season revisits the the barely there thin straps, interesting angular and multi-directional strap positions, addition of the toe bar (emulating a heeled thong / flip flop), chain and metal details, and lower heel heights.

My seasonal picks:


I feel this style deserved a category of its own as there is a plethora of style variations available this season, despite the mule historically being a very basic design.

We are seeing mules with multi-strap, square toes, pointed toes, textured uppers, twisted straps, gathered and woven leathers, block heels, kitten heels, buckles, exaggerated and androgynous thick padded straps, velcro straps, perspex straps, single wide strap etc and in a variety of colours, textures and heel options.

I believe the come back of the 'easy slip on and go' mule is directly correlated to the fashion shift over the last 18 months of approachable and comfortable dressing, but with the twist of something fresh and new we haven't seen before.

The Mule is such an effortless style to wear and incorporate into your wardrobe and one I am personally excited to invest into.

My seasonal picks:



Clear heels and perspex straps were a big trend in 2019, not only because they literally go with everything in your wardrobe, but they also have some serious leg lengthening benefits.

This season we are seeing a re-emerge of the clear trend, however with the introduction of tinted translucent PVC and embellishments. I'm not quiet sure this is a trend I personally will jump on as I kind of think it defeats the purpose of having the barely there look, but I do appreciate its something a little different and offers an interesting finish.

My seasonal picks:



Metallics have always been in vogue, but this season, silver, gold and jewel toned metallic heels are your new 'neutral' and not only reserved for special occasions, as they are versatile enough to incorporate into your everyday wear.

And if the simple glisten of a metallic shoe adorning your foot is not enough, this season, metallic shoes have been elevated with embellishments and even available in casual flats.

I love the juxtaposition of mixing casual and dressy and this seasons metallic styles are a perfect option to achieve that look.

My seasonal picks:



Colours this season are both retrospective and forward-looking, bringing an element of optimism and rejuvenation back into an otherwise neutral and monochrome season palate.

Back in my Fashion colour trends Autumn Winter 2021 blog post, I noted the impact of coronavirus having a direct correlation to the colour trends for 2021.

Whilst hard-core minimalists may prefer to stick to a trial and tested neutral palette of, the new colour trends for this season are all about soft and bold muted colours that can act as the neutral base tones in your wardrobe or equally, your statement accent colours.

Sophisticated and lust worthy, bright pops of colour, in shades of green, yellow, pink and lilac remind us that summer is just around the corner, whilst energising any outfit with a playful and cheerfulness we have all been craving.

Whether you are are nudest or a colourist, either way, this seasons colours are universal, will work with an adverse range of skin tones and easily transition into any existing wardrobe.

My seasonal picks:



Like Ann old familiar friend, the classic pump is the only style of high heels that consistently returns each season and for good reason. Not only is this style super versatile to wear with any outfit, for any occasion and in any season or weather, they are guaranteed to give you that confident boss girl energy every time.

Classic, timeless, effortlessly chic, this is the one style every girl needs in their wardrobe, and an investment 'go to' staple that is guaranteed not to date for many years to come.

My seasonal picks:



Chunky welly style boots are a big trend this spring, following on from the black chunky / combat boots everyone was wearing in Winter.

This season the chunky welly is lighter in muted nudes to brighten up your wardrobe from all the dark winter colours and compliment our lighter coloured outfits.

They are a great addition to your spring wardrobe and very practical additional for those spring showers during the transition of seasons.

My seasonal picks:



For the animal lovers amongst us, good news, it's back and stronger than ever. Amen to that!

Whilst animal print never really goes out of fashion, particularly leopard print shoes, this season is certainly celebrating all those warm, rich and earthy brown neutral tones, symbolically inherent to the iconic print itself. The natural colour earthy tones have a unifying effect and reflect a naturalness and ease that make them extremely versatile when transitioning into any existing wardrobe.

These timeless 'go with anything' warm neutrals, will surely become your go to wardrobe staples. And, If you were looking for an additional excuse to wear your animal print shoes more often than you already do, this is definitely the season to fully embrace the print and have fun with tonal styling.

My seasonal picks:


What do you think of the Spring Summer 2021 top trends, and which style shoe will you be adding to your closet?

I think most categories perfectly reflect the current climate and state of the world right now. A time when we are seeking those warm comforting hues but also craving the cheerful pops of colour, texture and metallics in new and exciting ways that feel like natural progression from previous seasons.

On that note, excuse me while I 'add to cart'!

Don't wait for the midseason sales, get your hands on the ready to wear styles now so you can enjoy wearing them for the whole season ahead, it's time to feel amazing again!

Love Bella x

Do you have a favourite style? Share your finds below in the comments for our readers to discover.

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