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Fashion Colour Trends Autumn Winter 2021

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Last week I caught up with my girlfriend in Sydney for a long overdue 'girly day' (aka shopping day) over good food and coffee, and as our catch ups tend to go, while we were there, we took advantage of trawling our favourite stores to check out some of the latest fashion trends and colours for Australia's fast approaching autumn / winter months ahead.

It became quickly apparent across most brands that the impact of coronavirus in 2020, has indeed had a direct correlation to the colour trends we see emerging in 2021, particularly in the fashion and interior design space.

Warm comforting hues and muted pops of colour is how I would describe the colour palate for autumn / fall / winter clothing in 2021, with the four key neutral shades, universal khaki, navy blue, creamy whites and ashen still prevalent across the trending colour palates this season. It appears the design industry has taken inspiration from the new 'normal' way of life we have adapted to over the last 12 months, as these colour trends pay homage to a more relaxed, laidback and comfortable style, with a contrast of brighter muted hues to inject cheerfulness and optimism back into our lives.

We are seeing a nice balance between calm hues and muted, but cheerful pops of colour which clearly represent the current state of the world.

These top colour trends have already began flooding our stores, so you certainly don’t need to wait to shop the trends. I've also included some of my favourite picks, inspired by each colour palette so you can get a jump-start on trying out these covetable colours as many can be effortlessly transitioned into your your existing wardrobe.


It is evidently the season of the Leopard!

Amen to that! Whilst leopard print has never and will never go out of fashion, this season is certainly celebrating all those warm, rich and earthy brown neutral tones, symbolically inherent to the iconic print itself.

From golden pink shades to burnt oranges, to birch and brown, muted yellow and rustic terracotta's, these earthy tones have a unifying effect and reflect a naturalness and ease that make them extremely versatile when transitioning into any existing wardrobe.

Just like our favourite leopard print, these timeless 'go with anything' warm neutrals, will surely become your go to wardrobe staples. And, If you were looking for an additional excuse to wear your leopard print shoes more often than you already do, this is definitely the season to fully embrace the print and have fun with tonal styling.

My seasonal picks:



From warm luxe browns and deep mahogany, to pastel taupe and ashen shades, the combination of these failsafe trust colours do not demand attention, but envelop us in their calm and soft, soothing appearance. This palette of soft and timeless hues, strike the perfect balance between understated elegance and effortless glamour.

These shades are perfect for creating a very 'on trend' monochrome style or combined with more vibrant, vivid colours for an exciting and distinctive contrast.

My seasonal picks:



The colours in this family are both retrospective and forward-looking, bringing an element of interest and rejuvenation into an otherwise neutral and monochrome seasonal (fall / autumn / winter) style palette.

From rich lollie pinks to dreamy pastel lilac and musk shades, these exuberant colours come together, inspiring creativity and optimism whilst still being sympathetic to the current climate by muting down the tones.

Sophisticated and lust worthy, these shades create a nostalgic and contemporary style and energise any outfit with a playful and cheerfulness we have all been craving as we gently ease back into normality.

My seasonal picks:



In an everyday life with constant distractions, calming blues, greens and grey tones can really create an experience of harmony and tranquility.

From dark navy blues to muted 'dreamy' sage greens, grounding soft greys and airy shades of blue, this quiet haven of colours is for those wanting to be more present in the now and really seize the moment. The muted colour pallet evokes simplicity with a real sense of calm, encouraging us to slow down and recharge the batteries.

It is sophisticated and subtle, and its soft hues will blend seamlessly with your white/cream, denim and black wardrobe essentials.

My seasonal picks:


Whilst hard-core minimalists may prefer to stick to a trial and tested neutral palette of white, black, grey, navy and beige, the new colour trends for this season are all about soft and bold muted colours that can act as the neutral base tones in your wardrobe or equally, your statement accent colours. Either way, theses colours are universal, will work with an adverse range of skin tones and easily transition into any existing wardrobe.

I've got to be honest, I think sage green is going to be the surprise chic colour of the year, and without doubt, my personal favourite.

Neutral styling classics every wardrobe needs:

What do you think of the colour trends for Autumn/ Fall / Winter 2021? I think they perfectly reflect the current climate and state of the world right now. A time when we are seeking those warm comforting hues but also craving the cheerful pops of colour for an optimistic hope of a healthier and happier year ahead.

Love Bella x

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