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Introducing the PROWLER

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Bella Leopardo leopard print leather loafer



(of a person or animal) to move about restlessly and stealthily, especially in search of prey. move stealthily around as if in search of prey or plunder roam about furtively, as in search of prey or loot

3.the act of prowling

She’s on the ‘PROWL’

The woman on the prowl is someone who exemplifies ambition, adventure and mystery.

She is the quiet achiever with her eye on the prize and lets nothing stand in her way of who she is and what she wants. But don’t underestimate her or turn your back unless you want to be completely blind-sighted by her call to action.

She loves the outdoors and just like her apex predators, thrives most when in nature.

Embracing adventure and taking risks outside of her comfort zone is what fuels the fire in her belly. No matter what the situation, she always treads with caution, making calculated instinctive moves with her stealth prowess in order to avoid detection.

Leopardo Prowlers are fierce, they rule their pack and take what they want from life

with precision and feline agility.

Bella Leopardo leopard print flat shoes

Bella Leopardo comfortable leopard shoes

Introducing the PROWLER

The easy rider made for long walks, risk taking and adventure seeking, the Prowler.

We all have the Prowler traits somewhere inside. Unleash her by getting to know her, trusting her feline instincts and loving her individuality - one fierce step at a time.

Designed by women for women, Bella Leopard understands that every woman is multifaceted with an inner feline and that confidence can be empowered by simply putting on a pair of leopard print shoes!

Love Bella x

Available now in Almond pony leather, shop the PROWLER here!


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